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Ollie McGill has been playing piano all his life. His mother claims that, as a 2 year old, he recognised that Mary Had a Little Lamb and Baa Baa Black Sheep were the same melody; well, they’re pretty similar… These days his ears are still his main tool for music making with strong sense of harmony and a keen ear for melody, making him a talented improvisor.

Ollie has made a career for himself in music, having been the keyboardist/founding member of The Cat Empire which is now at the height of its success after 20 years on the road. He has also collaborated on many other production projects and creative ensembles including Spinifex Gum featuring the Marliya choir, Jackson Jackson, The Genie, Franklin, The Conglomerate, just to name a few.

Ollie has maintained a solo career as The Ollie McGill Trio, in which he has performed both original material and also a repertoire of blues and New Orleans/funk music. This trio has both been an opportunity to explore new musical concepts and also to sing.

Throughout all this exploration on the piano and various keyboard instruments, Ollie has also been involved in the advertising industry. He wrote, produced and recorded the song for the The Melbourne Metro’s viral campaign “Dumb Ways To Die”, which now has nearly 180 million views on youtube.