The Ollie McGill Trio is really 2 trios depending on the occasion/setting

Often the mood calls for something fun, in which case I usually perform what I like to refer to as drinking music. For this I draw from my repertoire of blues and New Orleans/funk tunes. But I can’t help but tend to go on the odd tangent. I have never played a song the same twice!

I also play more experimental/avant garde music. Here is an example of a track that I recorded at Jazz Lab in 2018 with Joe Franklin featuring Saxophonist Jamie Oelhers & Drummer Dave Beck

I have been collaborating with Felix Riebl (The Cat Empire) for the last few years on a project called Spinifex Gum featuring, Marliya choir, a group of talented indigenous girls from Cairns. In this group I not only perform keyboards, but have made all the music, mostly out of samples from the Pilbara and other places around the country, and arranged the voices